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Begirada Artean

Begirada artean is a show of interdisciplinary creation curated by Sala BBK and the company KULTIBA. It consists of a one-hour performance divided into three interludes of 20 minutes each that delve into the idea of self-concept through the performing arts (dance), literary and sound arts.

LSelf-concept is approached from different perspectives; how men look at women, how women look at themselves being looked at, and how women look at themselves under their own judgment.

The image that each person has of herself is constructed by means of two fundamental parts according to the theory of social identity developed by Henri Taijel (1981): social identity and personal identity. By personal identity we refer to the perception that each individual has of him/herself. The world previously led solely by male thought created women as objects and concluded that women could only exist through the gaze of others; feminism was the movement that allowed many women to situate themselves as subjects.

It is important to emphasize that the image you have of yourself is not inherited or genetically determined, but is learned. Women therefore cannot avoid looking at themselves from a standardized male point of view. As John Berger (1972) asserts "The supervisor that the woman carries within herself is masculine; the supervised one is feminine". This model of internal dialogue generates a situation of conflict in the woman's self-concept, since what she thinks, sees and accepts does not correspond to what she should think, see and accept. A self-concept that always depends on the opinion or supervision of another person is a dependent and paralyzing self-concept.

How to create a show that breaks with this collective imaginary of what it means to be a woman?

Begirada artean offers a show that is full of creativity, strength, subtleties and emotion. And at the same time it offers a reflection from the bodies, dance and music.

Participating artists:

- Maria Muros: performer and composer
- Celia Torres: performer and composer
- Iratxe Ibaibarriaga: performer and composer
- Marta Santacatalina: dancer and choreographer
- Isabel Álvarez: dancer and choreographer
- Gloria Soto: literary producción