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Zerrissenheit is a two-act live music and dance performance that delves into the deconstruction of the female "self". It tells the story of a concrete woman, who at the same time could be anyone. A woman who travels the road from the social construction of her personality as a woman, to her self-recognition.

This show is a process, not a conclusion. It is a show that develops from the subtlety, the beauty that harbors the darkness and the courage of detachment to drive the search for itself.

Where words are not able to express, art appears. The tool that transmits to the public the journey that women make.


1º Act:

2º Act:
Cruce (2022) Original music by Silart

Participating artists:
• Celia Torres; musician and composer + info
• Maria Muros: musician and composer + info
• Iratxe Ibaibarriaga: musician and composer + info
• Clara thierry: Dancer + info