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The project "Perspectives" is a performance that combines live and recorded music with visual arts created in premiere for the Festival La Escucha Errante 2021 that takes place in Bilbao.

The concept of "Time" is the central axis of the festival as well as an unanswered question in the Human history. In the process of creating "Perspectives", we approached this concept from the following questions

What is our awareness of time? In what different ways can we perceive time? How much value does time have in our lives?

Today's world revolves around the hands of an invisible and indelible clock that hierarchises, organises, guides and classifies the lives of those who live under its rhythm. 24 hours to which another 24 hours will follow, and where it is not possible to change this mathematical time. Each person finds other ways of feeling this structured time. That time is what we call emotional time. Within each person is a complex world of experiences, ideas, history complex world of experiences, ideas, history, problems, situations, beliefs, dreams, and each of these factors leads them to perceive time in one way or another.

In the same way, the subjective sense of time makes us have a notion of the past, present and future. A concept of linear time, where one cannot exist without the other and which is multidimensional, since every action carries within it this process and in general our individual life as well.

Below, you can learn about the ideas that led us to create "Perspectives" step by step:
“So, who am I out of all of them?"

How abstract time can be led us to create a visual proposal that would represent some of the many ways of seeing and represent some of the many ways of seeing and feeling time. We decided to design a "doll's house" as the structure in which to approach concepts such as; time in the virtual era, the passing of time, expectations, dreams and vital time, among others.

We could say that as anything in this world has a beginning, in this work the performers are the presentation part, duplicated appears the image of themselves. In reality you see them, in fiction, too, but who are they really? Each person harbours not one but several imaginary worlds that also constitute a reality.

This audiovisual proposal takes us into their inner selves, you, everyone ....

"Being born is not a conscious decision of the individual".

In this first room, a girl is presented watching television with videos that contains behaviours, norms and attitudes of the society in which she has had to live. Whether she wants to or not, she will learn and adopt this model within herself. The videos are a way of representing how the homogenised patterns will make the protagonist build an attitude and identity around her. So, are we really as we think we are, or could we be otherwise?
"Is working the goal of a life?"

In this second room, several questions are raised simultaneously. On the one hand there is the duality between the "needs" to maintain a certain status in life and the individual "needs" of each person. This struggle makes it clear that having time of one's own is a privilege today. But, can we buy time? A seemingly simple answer that is not so easy to answer. Nowadays, money is related to immediacy, speed or the delegation of certain actions.

On the other hand, the television at the back of the wall and the statement "You're running out of time time" insinuates the constant preoccupation of measuring and controlling every day, hour, moment...
"We are without being”

The virtual world has added multiple realities and challenges to our daily lives. Technology has endowed humans with the capacity for ubiquity on a large scale. In general, in virtual life and in real life we are different because the virtual world does not require us to put our bodies and this, together with the anonymity, disinhibits us and makes us change our commitment to each other changes, in some cases, radically. In almost all cases, this body is linked to presence, and presence is tied to an experience. At the same time experience is the best way of learning. But how do we learn? Learning takes place at the moment of discovery, where through an individual discovery, one comes to understand. Therefore we could say that without that experience there is no understanding and no interest or enthusiasm for wanting to learn more.

Today we know the importance of making a paradigm shift in the educational and learning system, where discovery is the central axis, leaving behind the current learning of internalising truths. Knowledge can be stored in a book or computer, but understanding is a constantly growing tool that varies from person to person. Knowledge involves creating and establishing relationships between criteria and thus solving problems and building new knowledge.

This third room revolves around the following question: Could the virtual world offer us that experience without leaving the room?
“The worlds we dream of”

In this fourth room we try to approach the possibility of traveling to another reality from a more creative side. Music offers us the ability to travel, to feel, to escape from the present to other imaginary places. That is why we decided to show a daily activity that is transformed into an incredible experience when the music sounds.
"Invisible Chains”

The next two rooms are related to each other, as they talk about how we are the product of many coincidences, circumstances, moments and people. Most of the time it has not been chosen by ourselves or is part of the past. What we can say is that sometimes fear is paralysing, the limits indelible, the constant doubts, the unchangeable routine and the abrupt changes.

But if we take a closer look we can realise that in our inner words there are unique capacities and it is from there that we can draw the strength to overturn the above statements.


This last room was designed so that each member of the audience could identify the silhouette as their own. In this way the story told in this proposal belongs to everyone who sees it.

We are all made up of that "doll's house" and all the rooms that make it up, but sometimes, if we dare to be, we can look at ourselves from the outside and breathe.

There, the views are incredible.

La Escucha Errante 2021
The festival takes place in Bilbao (at the UPV/EHU, ZAWP). Organized by KLEM Laboratory of Electronic Music (Bilbao) and the UPV/EHU University of Basque Country. The festival is dedicated to Live Electronic Music, Contemporary, Improvisation, Experimental & LiveCoding, in order to enjoy concerts, exchange ideas, and establish networks for research and performance. The main objective of the festival is the interaction between acoustic and digital disciplines and instrumental improvisers.

In the 2021 edition the central theme was the concept of time. Various artists from different disciplines carried out a proposal and presented it in the space of La Terminal between 3 and 4 December.

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