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The purpose of this initiative is to foster the evolution of the genius profile to include a broader range of personalities and faces through artistic creation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Through the creation of this interdisciplinary project, the possibility of recreation of the absent body is born, the music of each composer brings with it the image of each figure. A trip begins between various stigmas that concern respect for the body, linked to each of its stories. At the same time, this project will make “unknown” works of artists from the past and present accessible to the public, on one hand through artistic creation and, on the other hand, with the creation of a network space that serves as a solid basis for the learning about unconventional artists.

Finally, this project will have as a conclusion an interdisciplinary performance where all material created and acquired will be used and enjoyed. This project is the proposal for the International Goodmesh concours, whose theme is "Body respect" and in which Silart is a finalist.

Method: The project step by step
Three composers and their music, work as the engine of a new creation. Their music is the way to evoke their figure and once the melodies are presented, each story come to life. Each composer represents the prejudices of a concrete society, as well as a life of overcoming. The evasion of both is reflected in their art, their music. Full of deep feelings, these women found their form of expression in art, inviting the public to search for their own and the enjoyment of others.

We will start a new piece using melodies, fragments and personal music winks of these composers. The new composition will be the result of flute, cello, saxophone and electronic fusion. As part of a dialogue, words will also be included in the performance. We will use some words that played an important role in the lives of these composers and that still resonate in the lives of many people.

Dance will be the other art that will appear on stage. This combination is due to the fact that dance is the art that communicates more with the body and the spaces that it occupies. Therefore, the dancer will develop her kinesthetic sphere through the performance and the selected keywords included will cause an impact on the dancer.

In this way, the silenced past of numerous artists, the current creation and the present moment joined with dance come together on stage for a performance full of emotion. That will make the public enjoy and recflect at the same time on the need to abandon prejudices and the importance of cooperation between each of those there present. In the same way, create an online space provides a source in which to acquire information from various “forgotten” artists. It is motivated and inspired by artistic expression to overcome and abandon the paralyzing fear that does not allow to emerge dreams.

Three composers and their music inspired this project, discover more about them:

International Goodmesh Concours presentation video link:


Here you have a selection of photos behind the scenes where you can know the environment in which our project takes place.


Each of these following words take part in our composition and they appear throughout the entire piece. Their journey is based on the transition from “You” to “Myself”, a change of perspective towards oneself. These verbs, nouns, adjectives and pronouns represent the process many women experience as they attempt to go away from the oppressive situation that they find themselves in. Some of the words change their meaning as they progress through the scene.
Start point. From an external perspective. They are subject to a specific society at a particular moment. They are not free.

Tú . you . zu . tu . tu . du . jij . voi . vôce
They stay in the shadows. Their ambitions are worthless. They are not listened.

Oculta . hidden . ezkutatuta . oculta. caché . versteckt . verborgen . nascosto . oculto
They are subject by society. The prejudices created by others fall on them.

Dueña . owner . jabe . propietària . le propriétaire . inhaber . eigendom . propietario . dono
They are not allowed to speak. Their voice is forgotten.

Silencio . silence . isiltasuna . silenci . silence . Schweigen . stilte . silenzio . silêncio
Judge you
Social stereotypes generate a constant negative criticism about them.

Juzgarte . judge you . zu zeu epaitu . jutjar-te . te juger . urteil du . veroordeelt jou . giudicare voi . juiz vôce
To accept and let go. Decisive moment in which they escape from the limitations imposed on them.

Liberar . release . askatu . alliberar . libération . loslassen . vrijlaten . liberare . soltar
Self-confidence, take a step forward. They look for their identity although they are aware of the difficult road ahead.

Confianza . trust . konfiantza . confiança . croyance . vertrauen . vertrouwen . fiducia . confiança
Anxiety is creeping inside them. They want to and they can’t. It is the hightest tension moment.

Oprimida . overwhelmed . zapaldua . oprimida . submergé . überwaltigt . overweldigend . schiacciato . esmagado
Time goes by circunstances that not always work in their favor. Despite this, it is never too late for their curiosity to flourish.

Tiempo . time . denbora . temps . temps . zeit . tijd . tempo . tempo
To accept the timing the body asks for in each moment and to respect it.

Escuchar . listen . entzun . escoltar . écouter . zuhören . luister . ascoltare . escutar
These women’s ability to keep going, despite having everything against them.

Coraje . courage . kemen . coratge . courage . Courage . moed . coraggio . coragem
Depth with which the set of feelings affects each of these women.

Sentir . feel . sentitu . sentir . ressentir . fühlen . voel . consapevole . sentir
They understand the reality that is happening around them and they act on it.

Consciencia . aware . kontzientzia . consciència . conscient . , bewusst . bewust . consapevole . consciência
To overcome adverse situations of oppression in society.

Resiliencia . resilient . erresilientzia . resiliéncia . résistant . belastbar . veerkrachtig . resistente . resiliente
In this moment, the meaning of this word transform into owning yourself. The start a new beginning.

Dueña . owner . jabe . propietària . le propriétaire . inhaber . eigendom . propietario . dono
Intermediate state. They start to value themselves.

Yo . me . ni . jo . moi . Ich . ik . io . me
Now they are able to decide with more freedom. They let themselves go by their abilities and ambitions.

Voluntad . will . borondate . vouloir . vouloir . Wille . wil . determinazione . vontade
They are tired, made into pieces. Every obstacle that they have encountered through their life and that have brought them to that state, take part on who they are and makes them question their worth.

Rota . broken . txikituta . trencada . cassé . kaputt . geborken . rotto . quebrado
Next step is to pick up their own parts lost in the way to find their balance, forging their own path.

Equilibrio . balance . oreka . equilibri . balance . Stehvermögen . balans . equilibrio . equilíbrio
Refers to the possibility of imagining, creating. They pursue their aspirations to make them come true.

Soñar . dream . amestu . somiar . rêve . träumen . droom . sognare . sonhar
Final state. From an internal perspective. They shed the weight these words place on them. “You” evolves into a state of liberation.

Yo misma . myself . ni neu . jo mateixa . moi même . ich selber . mijzelf . io stesso . eu mesma