Negin Zomorodi

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Years: 1973-

Place of birth: Teheran, Iran

"This is my philosophy of life that limitation makes you an artist. If you think deeply about all the musicians, artists, writers… they were always a limitation in their lives - physically, socially - something that when you cannot tolerate and you start creating something to willow that pain.”
We suggest you listen to Nostalgic Walts while you continue reading:

She is a Persian pianist and composer whose music combines tradition and modern language. Her art is linked to her experiences and emotions that mark certain moments in her life. Music is for her a place to find a refuge and to explore without boundaries when everything is upside down in the world. Her method of composition follows several different ways: on one side, she uses classical notation and, on the other side, in some of her compositions improvisation is the generating element.

Negin has always pursued her passion for music through self- confidence and dedication. Negin is the director of the musical association called Gozar Music Assembly.