Riikka Talvitie

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Place of birth: Finland

“I decide quite many years ago that I was fed up of this role of the composer where you give the scores and then you wait, and then you go on the stage, with this lack of communication. First, I was fed up with the lack of communication with the audience, and I decided that in any project, composition..when I work, I will think about the context.”
We suggest you listen to A Lecture on the Principle of Symmetry while you continue reading:

She is a Finnish composer, oboist and pedagogue, interested in exploring what it means to be a composer nowadays. Riikka works to improve and give value to the process of artistic creation and underlines the importance of considering the context in her creations.

By merging her work both as a composer and pedagogue, she participates in several community art projects in several Finnish schools where she studies the results. Currently she works as a freelance composer and her art is based on collaborations and the enrichment of her working methodology. She has also collaborated with several Finnish poets and writers.